Christian Worship Arts

Christian Worship Arts

Ministry Mission Statement

Nancy Skye has been a worship dancer since her college days and has choreographed, taught and presented expressive worship in many settings utilizing a variety of dance arts forms and styles.  It is her desire to encourage others to be willing vessels for the Holy Spirit to flow through, which ministers the Heart of God with-in the worshiper as well as the corporate body of Christ, as they share the artistic gifts that God has given them. CWA is a a community drawn together by the masterful hand of God gathering the lives of creative artists who love Him. This website hopes to continue to share works from this group and beyond.

In 2014 Barb Feld and Nancy shared a vision to host gatherings where dance and movement worshipers could have some creative time together to learn, share and celebrate. They have co-hosted yearly conferences from 2014 to the present in the fall at Shiloh Family Camp on Hatch Lake in Eaton, NY. It is a time of refreshing and great joy as you will see in the videos below. See also the artist pages for workshop and performance highlights from these conferences and to learn more about this creative group.

Video highlights CWA conferences

Conferences at Shiloh whole company final dances

2016 Victory Swords Dance, choreographed and led by Judith Conway. This piece is a powerful unison dance to instrumental music and spoken word, written by Judith, called Letter from Jesus. Banners process in key moments of the piece and near the end short time of improvisation.

2015 Days of Elijah – teams in the Spirit, led by David Haddy. Teams of Shofar, tambourines, flags & banners, dancers and musicians spent a few minutes apart and them we came together and danced to Days of Elijah. It was a spontaneous Spirit led 20 min dance, this video condensed to 7 mins. The beautiful ending is not on the video – where everyone went to their knees and we sang Revelation song.

2014 For Your Name is Holy – banners & flags, choreographed and led by Nancy Skye. Nancy created this piece for her church and then modified it for our outdoor final dance. It is a combination of the banners choreography, the company following Aida doing sign language and in place improv in the Spirit. Ending on our knees under the wind in the trees.

2014 Live Worship Music and Prophetic Dance – with HiSongs (Doreen & Dianne) Artistic free worship is a big part of the worship dance conference. Time to flow together and allow the Holy Spirit to move through the room, take turns leading, following and solo expression. It is a time of healing, breakthrough victory and joy!